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BWSM is a leader in diversity and inclusion amongst intellectual property boutique law firms. Hiring and advancing diverse attorneys and staff, who have demonstrated a passion to practice intellectual property law, has been a core component of the firm’s culture since its inception. BWSM strives to be as diverse as the communities in which it works. Our acceptance of a diverse workforce is inclusive of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and religious differences. BWSM understands that clients benefit most when hiring a legal team of individuals that have varied experiences and multiple perspectives.

In addition to having a managing partner who is a minority and who has provided the vision that has shepherded the BWSM to its current level of strength, recognition and success, the firm’s commitment to diversity is best illustrated at all employee levels. At the partner level, 44 percent of the partners are women or minorities. The overall composition of women and minority attorneys and patent agents is about 42 percent. The firm continues to create a well-balanced workforce that contains a significant presence of diverse individuals.